Burleson Equine Hospital

Burleson Equine Hospital is a full-service equine hospital that specializes in medical and surgical care for horses. Our equine veterinarians are known and respected throughout the horse world for innovative and highly skilled treatment of horses. We work with hobby horsemen and horsewomen as well as professionals who rope, rein, cut, and show horses at regional and world level championships.

Our hospital facility offers a full range of services including surgery, internal medicine, advanced diagnostic imaging, regenerative medicine and specialized reproductive services. We provide ambulatory services for emergencies, preventative care, general reproduction, diagnostic imaging, medical care and treatment of your horse at your farm or stable in North Texas.

Burleson Equine Hospital offers a complete and comprehensive lameness diagnostic service that provides advanced and state-of-the-art care for the equine athlete. Our clinicians have extensive training and expertise in evaluating lameness in horses under a wide variety of disciplines within the equine industry.

We pride ourselves on thorough, in-depth lameness examinations complete with local anesthetic techniques (nerve and joint blocks) employed to determine exactly where your horse is lame. With a wide variety of diagnostic imaging modalities readily available, including digital radiography and digital ultrasound, diagnosing the source of the lameness can often be completed during the time of your appointment. Lameness exams are best performed in a controlled environment on a variety of surfaces. Our doctors are capable of performing lameness examinations, radiographs, ultrasound exams, and joint injections at the clinic or at your barn.

Burleson Equine Hospital provides 24/7 emergency and critical care service to horses that includes both an emergency hospital center and an ambulatory service. We believe that this provides horse owners with an invaluable and essential service, having two options for your horse should you not have a trailer. We take pride in the quality of medical care our patients receive from our team of veterinarians and highly trained technicians, which are ready within minutes of the emergency call. Our veterinarians are ready to attend to any emergencies day or night, and we always answer the phone. Should the case require more intense management or hospitalization, our veterinarians and staffs are always ready to receive emergencies, whether they were seen by our veterinarians in the field or referred to our hospital by other local ambulatory veterinarians. We have state-of-the-art medical and surgical equipment ready to treat a variety of medical and surgical conditions in horses. We can accommodate horses requiring minimal observation, ophthalmic treatments, neonatal emergencies (sick foals), severe medical and surgical colics, mares with dystocia (foaling emergencies) that necessitate medical intervention or surgical intervention (Caesarian section), horses with severe neurologic disorders, orthopedic fractures, and soft tissue injury.

Our Critical Care facility is equipped with the ability to administer fluids to horses of all ages. When we have a patient under intensive care, they receive constant monitoring day and night by our staff of veterinarians and Licensed Vet Technicians in a fully air-conditioned/heated ICU stall. We have immediate access to a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic options including in-house CBC, chemical profiles, blood gas analysis, abdominal, cardiac and thoracic digital ultrasonography, digital radiology, microbiology, and a fully equipped pharmacy that allows us to select the appropriate therapy immediately and without delay.

Our caring staff understands that a sudden and unexpected emergency can have a profound emotional effect on the horse owner. Our goal is to provide the best and most effective medical treatment in a humane and compassionate way, while at the same time soothing the anxiety and confusion that often afflict the owner. Our clients can rest assured that should their horse experience the unpleasantness of an emergency, the team at BEH will be ready to make them a priority and resolve the emergency in a compassionate and efficient manner.

Burleson Equine Hospital offers a state of the art surgical suite with a Board Certified Surgeon available at all times should your horse have a soft tissue or orthopedic surgical need.

All doctors can offer minor surgical services (such as routine castration, enucleations, and laceration repair) in the hospital or at your farm. For more in-depth procedures, such as diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy, fracture fixation, and tendon surgeries, patients are brought to the hospital and surgery is performed by our board certified equine surgeon, Dr. Amy Armentrout.

Procedures commonly performed include wound revisions, conjunctival graphs, cryptorchid castrations, umbilical hernia repair, prosthetic laminoplasties (tie-backs), flap sinusotomies, tendon and ligament surgeries, emergency exploratory laparotomies for colic, enucleations, ovariectomies, fracture repair, and arthroscopic chip removal.

Surgery doesn’t just end in the surgery suite. Our doctors are committed to every case from the time it presents with a problem until discharge, and they are available for follow-up recheck examinations as well as phone consultations for referring veterinarians.

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